RockMyRun User Feedback Survey Results

We’re always looking to improve our app, and wanted to make sure that we understood where our current opportunities were. So in May of 2020, we sent out a survey to our most active RockMyRun users. Primarily, we wanted to know how the app was doing, but we also geek out on data and wanted to see how people are using RockMyRun.

Here are the results!

How often do people use RockMyRun?

We found that 32% of our users use RockMyRun 3-4 times a week. That’s a very high number, meaning that people use our app almost every day. That was exciting for us to see, and we were also impressed with our users dedication to fitness!

What do people use RockMyRun For?

Not surprisingly, most users (76%!) use RockMyRun for running, but people also like to use it for walking, cardio, erights, group fitness classes, cycling, and more!

We also had some really interesting “Other” write-ins, such as cooking, mowing the lawn, cleaning, driving, and as background music for gatherings with friends.

Who’s using the Tempo Changing Feature?

One of the features that sets RockMyRun apart from other apps is the automatic tempo changing based on GPS, heart rate, etc. So we were curious: How many people are currently using this feature?

We were glad that the majority were taking advantage of this feature, but only 63%!

Here’s how people were using this feature:

79% of users manually set their BPM, while only 35% connect it to their steps, and only 18% connect it to their heart rate.

What new features did people request?

Most responses said that integrating with speakers, such as Bose® or Sonos®, would be a valuable feature.

Additionally, most people also said they’d love to have RockMyRun work on an AppleWatch without needing to have their device near. We also received feedback that we need to improve the music discovery process, which is something we are already working on!

We hope you find these results as interesting as we do!

Do you agree? Where do you stack up? We’d love to hear in the comments.